Tulip-Dordogne (25 bulbs)

Tulip-Dordogne (25 bulbs)

This beloved award-winner has a huge, chalice-shaped flower that is claret-rose blending into nasturtium-red and tangerine-orange near the petals' edges. Dordogne is one of the varieties that appears to change color in different types of light. The gray-neon sky before an electrical storm makes Dordogne look florescent. Bright sunlight can make it appear more orange, or as if it were on fire. If someone has to declare which is their favorite Tulip, Dordogne often is the one. Other Scheepers Hybrid Tulips include Avignon, Camargue, Francoise, La Courtine, Maureen, Menton, Menton Exotic, Renown, Roi du Midi and Yosemite. Tulip Class: Single Late. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. May. HZ: 3-8. 26".

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