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Spring Planting 101

The snow is melting rapidly and the weather is warming up. Spring is here and you are ready for Spring planting, so what do you do?

1. This is the perfect time to weed your garden. Put on your gloves and pull all those dead, unsightly weeds from your garden and maybe add some nutrients to your soil.

2. You won't know right away which plants survived the winter, so be gentle with them and plant around them.

3. Early Spring, before you are certain the frosts are done, is the perfect time for late blooming perennials like Black Eyed Susans, Mums and Asters.

4. When the frost stops threatening, come to the nursery and get all of those colorful annuals we all love to brighten up your yard. Bulk deals are available and the colors gorgeous.

Also in the spring, you will want to plant grass, herbs and vegetables.



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