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Introduction to Fall Planting

Fall is the perfect time for certain plants to develop a strong root structure to endure droughts and be ready to bloom in season. In the fall, the soil is still warm from summer while the chill in the air above signal plants to focus on underground growth. This funnels their food energy into their roots, making the plant stronger and healthier.

In Plumas County, our days shorten and leaves change their colors in preparation for the snow and rain to, hopefully, come. Ideal for digging in the soft, damp soil without having to deal with the sweltering heat in your yard or garden. Free from the insects and disease that threaten your plants in warmer weather while you watch all those pesky weeds die away. Not to mention, plants are on sale in the fall! So load up on all those bulbs you want blooming this Spring and take a few months off from gardening.

So what do I plant in the fall?

Plant magnolias, flowering plum, spirea, wildflowers, those bulbs you like, trees and any plants with unusual bark to add some extra beauty to your garden in the winter.



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