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  • What plants do deer leave alone?
    There is nothing a young buck won't try and there is nothing a hungry deer won't eat.The most DEER RESISTANT plants we carry are: Barberry, Spirea, Lavender, Russian Sage, and daisy like flowers like Shasta Daisies, Black Eyed Susans and Rudbeckia.
  • What plants can be neglected and for how long?
    NEW PLANTS NEED WATER! They are used to being in a pot and dry up quickly because they aren't harvesting water from their surrounding soil yet. Succulents are a great option that require little water, but you must be present to water them once every few weeks. Our summer environment is hot and dry so it's best to have your plants on a drip system and plan to plant when you have a few days to water them deeply. Many plants may do well once they are established but that can take a few years. Plants are like puppies. They need care, water, and food on the schedule best for each individual plant.
  • What plants can I plant for privacy on my property?
    Layering seems to work best. A few taller trees, mixed with medium sized bushes and color in the front.
  • What edible plants can I grow and what are their seasons?
    Yes! We have a short growing season, and all the starts we sell have a maturity date that is good for this area. We can also grow fruit trees like Apples, Cherries, and Stone fruit. Hops also grow well and can be used as a privacy screening.
  • Do you offer landscaping services or delivery?
    We do offer delivery for $20 within Graeagle/Clio area and $25 to Portola. We also offer limited planting services of Trees and Shrubs starting at $50 (including delivery and feeding). Although we don't have a landscaping service set up, I do work closely with a few landscapers. We have many tools for people to landscape and plant on their own. We can guide you to the plants you need and you can design and create your own mountain landscape with our tools, advice and your creativity!
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